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Mirpur Shahi Masjid And Madrasa Complex, 259/A, 4th Floor, Darussalam, Dhaka-1216. - Mirpur, Dhaka
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Assalamu Alaikum. Cloud 71 Designs is an official supplier of office furniture Dhaka. For the past eight years, we have been manufacturing office workstation furniture, office file cabinets, office director desks, etc. in our own factory as per client's requirements. Currently, in Bangladesh, the office workstation price has increased by Tk 150 per square foot due to the increase in the prices of daily necessities. But office workstations are essential for a good office. We have our own factory so don't worry about the workstation table price in Bangladesh. Our job is to deliver office furniture to you anywhere in Bangladesh. Let's know a little more about office furniture.

What is an office workstation? An office workstation is a fixed place where an office worker performs all his office work.

What are the 2 types of workstations? There are many types of workstations in the office, the main two types of workstations are: liner workstations and Cluster workstations.

What are the types of workstations? Types of workstations are: Benching stations, "L" stations, adjustable ergonomic stations, team stations, and individual cubicles.

What is the difference between a desk and a workstation? There is no major difference between them. You can often use the two types of furniture interchangeably. But it depends on the type of office you have, whether you need privacy, or whether your office staff can work with open desks.

Our Services: Home Interior Office interior Showroom interior Hospital interior Restaurant interior Shop and Commercial Space Interior Bank interior ================================== Phone 01648-14-22-79 What's app 01701-46-30-42 Email: [email protected] Website:

————Office Address ———— Mirpur Shahi Masjid and Madrasa Complex, 259/A, 4th Floor, Darussalam, Dhaka-1216.

We provide all kinds of office Interior Decor services for Private properties. Our Services include: - 1. Modern office reception, waiting for lounge, meeting room Kitchen 2. Modern Office Conference Rooms 3. Modern office workstation, it and networking solution. 4. Modern office False Ceiling, decorative partition. 5. office Wooden Flooring 6. office 2D & 3D Designing 7. Interior Painting and Floor interior design small office in Dhaka Bangladesh, cheap and best interior design by Shah DrokShan. Our Services Are Construction, Office Interior Design, Exterior Design, Landscaping, Office Renovation, and office workstations.

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We are the best office furniture manufacturer & supplier in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We produce products and supply directly to the Client so that the Client gets its product right time and we have our own factory, as a result, if any problem with the product, we repair and replacement, Client gets this facility for 1 year. Our goal is to be happy with customers.

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