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The electoral gambling is slated for a year from now, end of 2018, but the main players are setting the stage by keeping people informed of what they plan to do.

Following 19 months of virtual embargo on holding any public rally in the nation’s capital, and, overcoming the stigma of perennial negation of eight formal requests to the police to do so, country’s main opposition party, the BNP, has had its first shot on November 12 to tell the nation how it wants the next general election to unravel.

Shot dead this week on a street in The Hague, Ahmad Mola Niaai may have died the violent life he lived, but his murder suggests a possible retching up of the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran as well as a step towards Saudi-US-efforts to destabilize Iran by stirring unrest among its ethnic minorities.

A 52-year-old refugee from Iran in the Netherlands since 2005, Mr. Mola Nissi headed a militant nationalist group of Iranian Arabs that intermittently attacked targets in Khuzestan, Iran’s oil-rich province populated by a large Iranian Arab community. The targets of attacks in 2005, 2006 and 2013 included oil facilities, the office of the governor in the regional capital of Ahwaz, other government offices, and banks.

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