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Rangpur Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

Rangpur Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

The Rangpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) is an economic institution whose establishment was accomplished through the efforts of a group of local businessmen in 1972. It serves as a model of non-profit, service-oriented organization. Now, it is one of the pioneer chambers in the country. Like other chambers, it consists of firms, companies and corporate bodies engaged in trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, manufacturing etc. the basic objective of Rangpur Chamber is to promote and protect the trade, commerce & Industry of Bangladesh in general and those of Rangpur in particular and also to enable the government and other authorities to perform these functions by rendering assistance, information and advice. The RCCI has been playing a significant role in ventilating the problems and grievances of the illustrious entrepreneurs of commerce & Industry as well as negotiating with the competent authorities for appropriate solutions thereof. Since its establishment the Chamber has grown rapidly and today it represents nearly 4500 Members which include large, medium and small companies and firm. Over and above the main objectives of the RCCI are: To Promote and develop Trade, Commerce and Industry of the Country. To put forward suggestions in formulation and implementation of government policy on Import, Export, Investment, Banking, Insurance, Industrial Relations, Fiscal Measures etc. To represent on various Advisory/ Consultative committee under different Ministries/ Departments/ Divisional & District Administration concerned with Trade, Commerce, Industry and Finance. To Provide forum for exchanging views between members of government agencies, Foreign delegation and the RCCI Members. To collect circulars, notifications, statistical data and to disseminate information relating to Trade, Commerce and Industry among its members. To ensure its members participation as delegate in international forums on Trade and economic matters and trade fairs through the FBCCI. Rangpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry Established and conducted by RCCI Public School & College. RCCI Public School & College since 1996. Now it has 14 classes from Nursery-Kindergarten to Twelve Class.

Business Promotion

The desired economic growth is stimulated and encouraged through the professional services of the RCCI, serving its entire range of members with advocacy representation, services and contacts.


  • Research and Business Development
  • International Trade Fair
  • Dispute settlement
  • Consultancy
  • Documentation
  • Business matching
  • Training
  • Organizing Fair and Trade Delegation
  • Publications
  • Business: Chamber of Commerce & Association

  • Opening Time

    Open Hours : 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Close Day : Friday
  • Rangpur Chamber Of Commerce & Industry G.L. Roy Road, Rangpur, Bangladesh.

  • 01712255203



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