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PHP Family

A Great Way To Peace Happiness And Prosperity

In quest of Peace, Happiness & Prosperity for the nation, the maestro – Alhaj Sufi Mohamed Mizanur Rahman envisioned himself in 1969 to shape the leading business conglomerate in Bangladesh, is now the well-known PHP Family.

The group comprises over 30 companies that are operating in diversified business sectors like; Steel, Float Glass, Aluminum, Textiles, Power, Petro Refinery, Financial Services, Agro and so on. Pioneering the steel and float glass industries in Bangladesh, PHP Family has been continuously exploring newer horizons each day with innovative & eco-friendly technologies.

Each of our endeavors is always focused on the progress and self-reliance of the country and enriching people’s lives. Through our business activities, we aim to create economic value and to actively contribute to the society.

Flat Steel

Long Steel

Ship Recycling






Latex & Rubber

  • Business: Glass Companies & Industries

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    Open Hours : 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Close Day : Friday
  • Dhaka,Bangladesh

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