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Naseem Group

Naseem Group

It was in 1949 that Naseem Plastic Industries was established by Mr. Irshad Ali Khan as Proprietor in the then capital of East Pakistan, Dacca (now Dhaka).

Initial products were plastic flowers & small plastic containers of various colors. Established in Nawabpur, main business & resident hub of the capital of that time, only a few manual molding units were setup. To start with only 5 personnel and its Founder marketed self and assisted these personnel physically to assure stable /quality output as well as on-time delivery. It was the sole perseverance & struggle of Mr. Irshad Ali Khan in flourishing the tiny unit up to a giant team.

In 1952, the small production house got license (authorized by govt. to operate business) & first thing was to clear all arrear taxes. Bank loans were granted as well as foreign businessmen were taken into confidence. An auto-injection and few manual injection machines were added to the existing fleet. More personnel were hired but they belonged to close associate or relative level just to ensure long-term commitment. That was how we chose to flourish and step by step success followed. Few were brought from across borders.

The company's journey was right on target. Flourished for 14 long years. Competition built-up but Naseem continued to be the leader. Many lows & highs came, but nothing could deter him from pursuing business ethics that were marked with quality, on-time delivery and meeting clientele demand.It was in 1965 Indo-Pak war on Kashmir that started affecting whole economy. Business dropped drastically. Country faced severe Law & Order crisis. This caused the small and only working unit's closure. Towards end-'66, small scale production began but faced crisis (this time a bigger one) during our Great War of Liberation. In 1972, dust began to settle but unfortunate assassination of the leader and that continued the unrest. In 1978, through hard works & relentless support of all personnel, full production resumed.

It seemed business was on rise and sensing a bigger market share, a show room was essential as Naseem went for product diversification. Client's Expectation also increased gradually. They were happy as now they would not need to go to that Nawabpur road a now hustle & bustle area of Dhaka. The new show-room was inaugurated at North South Road (though adjacent to Nawabpur road but still a cool & clean road). Developed by the then President H. M. Ershad. The founding Proprietor of Naseem Plastic Industries started handling clients from this show-room office. While Mr. Shahid Ali Khan, his 2nd eldest son, was in charge of manufacturing items as per clientele requirements & quality checking. Gradually in 1980, Naseem bought a Govt. land in Mirpur Industrial Estate to setup industry at a larger scale.

Irshad Ali Khan then expanded his wings and concentrated in factory building construction at Mirpur. Local youths wanted high ransom to let the work begin. Mr. Khan did not allow that to happen. He went for discussions with local youths who were astray. They did not listen to the request. Mr. Irshad Ali Khan did never budge to any pressure rather always wanted to use his wit and logics and discussions. But when local boys went out of control, he sought help from police forces. They refused to listen as it was risky to launch direct fight with local boys. He then convinced law enforcing authority and through combing operations those boys were caught and taken into custody. In 1982, small scale production began at Mirpur. With increase of clientele demand, injection molding unit was setup. Blow molding, manual injection molding units, later FRP unit in 1986 was setup. That was the second factory of the group. First one is the original one at Nawabpur road from 1949. FRP unit started very well. Chairs, tables, helmets, corrugated and plain sheets got much appreciation from clients. Orders were pouring in from all corners. Sooner this proved to be a timely venture and returned satisfactorily to our investment.

Incorporation under Registrar of Joint Stock Companies was completed in 1991. Our small unit is now a Private Limited Company, with Mr. Irshad Ali Khan as its founder Chairman and Managing Director. Expansion and innovation of the group continued with now lots of fresh efforts and vigor. Mr. Shahid Ali Khan, second eldest among all brothers and Mr. Rashid Ali Khan, 5th brother from top, most equipped and played leading roles in company's latest expansion since last 25 years were ready by now to lead the group. But very suddenly the founder Chairman passed away in 2000 December. This big blow was very detrimental & long lasting but Mr. Rashid Ali Khan's elevation to Managing Director was unanimous and was strong. Grief was rightfully turned into strength and gradually so many entrepreneurs of the group developed in just 9 years.

  • PVC Corrugated Sheet, PVC Foam & Solid Sheet, Polycarbonate Sheet, Polystyrene Patterned Sheet, ABS Sheet, PP, HDPE, LDPE.
  • Different kinds of stationery products; slip boxes, key chains, executive desk boxes.
  • Sodium light shades & various other light shades
  • Acrylic based signboards & displays
  • Acrylic pipes & choories (Bangles).
  • Various kinds of gift items.
  • Different types of bathroom fitting's products including injection molding products.
  • Various types of blow molding products.
  • All kinds of disposable products for food & packaging industries.
  • All Kinds of digital printed sign & display board even on vinyl too at a complete Computerized division and 10 vision one way scroll unit, 9 vision both sided horizontal moving unit, LED display boards, etc.
  • Different kinds of fiber glass products:
    • Bulletproof Helmets, Riot Shields, Bulletproof jackets, etc.
    • Different types of dummies for amusement parks, school play ground .
    • Various tanks for shrimp hatchery industries .
    • Large battery cases.
    • Various types of acid proof tanks & other specific works for nickeling Galvanizing wire & Aluminum Extrusion industries .
    • Plain & Corrugated sheets.
    • Different types of furniture & Fixture Army supplies etc.
  • Hardchrome and Nickling.
  • Different types of Liner .
  • Different types of Mold & Dices (industrial) .
  • Different types of Metal NICKELING .
  • Business: Plastic Goods Manufacturers

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    Open Hours : 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Close Day : Friday
  • Plot 4, Road 2, Block G, Section 1

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