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FM Plastic Industries Ltd.

Innovative Packaging

FM Plastic Industries Ltd. started its journey in the year 2008, as the Managing Director, Md. Gazi Tauhidur Rahman, an entrepreneur with vision and farsight, spotted the need of diversified disposable plastic products in various industries, esp. in the food industry. The same year, the organization sent its products to the UAE, to be used by the Hon'ble Royal Family of the UAE. It can be said without the fear of exaggeration that FM Plastic Industries Ltd. is the one who popularized the use of disposable plastic trays in packing of biscuits in Bangladesh. The company still holds a large market share when it comes about this product. For the quality, commitment, competitive price, the company has established itself strongly in the market with new products launching time to time. It supplies its products to the most popular brands of the country, and the list of the esteemed clients continues to grow. 

disposable plastic glasses, cups, spoons, containers, biscuit trays, food trays, blister packagings etc

  • Business: Plastic Goods Manufacturers

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    Open Hours : 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Close Day : Friday
  • Satta Mosjid Road (Near Lohar Bridge), Ashrafabad

  • 01934447722



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