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Fahim Poultry and Dairy Farm

Poultry and Dairy Farm

Fahim Poultry and Dairy Farm Ltd. is the export oriented meat processing company in Bangladesh. The company provides fresh, hygienic and Halal meat. . It is Halal certified by the Islam Foundation, Bangladesh and strictly adheres to this rule. 


Halal means Lawful. HALAL is a way of life for Muslims around the world. Fahim Poultry and Dairy Farm Ltd. is committed to 100% HALAL meat and meat products following all the directions of proper Halal preparation. We produce safe wholesome meat and meat products that are of the highest quality and standard for domestic and International Consumers. We ensure meeting statutory and regulatory requirements and food safety requirements of ours consumers. we offer Halal, Fresh and best Quality meat of Cow, Goat and Chicken. Fahim Poultry and Dairy Farm Ltd. has it’s own big farm. In farm there are 5000 cows, 2250 goats, 3000 plus chicken. We also sell cows, goat and chicken to other meat processing companies. 

Our Plant has inbuilt Quality Assurance Laboratory with trained Quality Assurance and Food Safety Team that ensure product quality and food safety. There are two Freezer stores and two blast freezer. Chilling/ refrigeration unit is of ammonia type. We sources its potable water from our own deep tube well and the water is treated with appropriate procedure. Only healthy animals with good body conditions and confirmation are used for slaughter. We strictly maintain our Ante Mortem and Post Mortem Inspections to ensure that no animals with OIE listed Type A diseases don’t enter/slaughtered in our plant. All animal intended for slaughter undergoes anti-mortem inspection for any diseases or other abnormalities at receiving point and also immediately prior to slaughter. Animals slaughtered undergo comprehensive postmortem inspection. Meat quality is controlled at all points of production processing and distribution. We Slaughters only Halal animals as per Shariah Regulation.

  • Business: Poultry & Dairy Farms

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    Open Hours : 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Close Day : Friday
  • Eastern Plus 145 Shantinagar (7th Floor) Suite # 7/1-7. Dhaka- 1217.

  • 801730317400



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