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Crockeries Garden Limited

Crockeries Garden Limited

Jahiruddin Md.Babar, The M.D and C.E.O of Crockeries Garden Limited today were always fascinated by his father, Late. Mujibul Haq Akhand, a 1939 graduate and the then civil service commission officer till 1945. This venerable man had always had a different vision to life and with his unique philosophy and goal, after the division of our country, came the main turning point when he decided to start his own home business. And thus began the slow but steady weaving of a big beautiful dream of a young boy which today has culminated to the birth of Crockeries Garden Limited.

It all began around 1990 when Jahiruddin Mohammad Babar and Mohammad Mohiuddin Baig initiated to start on their business and thus commenced on the long journey which before long in 1991, was finalized to be named as Crockeries Garden. It commenced on their expedition in this field with just three of their main global brands- Hamilton House ware Industries ltd, Hawkins Cookers Limited and Jaipan Industries Ltd. and has long since gone through several design changes to improve product presentation and overall customer experience.

Wall Tiles

Digital Tiles

Homogeneous Floor Tiles

Ceramic Floor Tiles

Porcelain Printed Floor Tiles

Polished Floor Tiles

Polished Floor Tiles (Salt & Pepper)

Rustic Floor Tiles

Satin Matt Floor Tiles

  • Business: Crockery

  • Opening Time

    Open Hours : 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Close Day : Friday
  • House: 50, Road: 11, Block: F, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh

  • 88029895462



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