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Records have proven that Arab and Chinese traders plying the southern Silk Route, and trading at the port as early as the 9th century. The people of Chittagong are recognized for their enterprising, yet understated manner with regards to trade and commerce. The instinct for business coupled with the desire to excel has been passed down through generations of the ‘Chadtgaiya’ entrepreneurial class.

Amanat Khan was a prominent member of Chittagong society. His philanthropic activities in the education sector appointed him as one of the first Indians as a member of the Legislative Assembly under the British, despite being of the independence-minded Swaraj Party.

An active trader by the standards of the market, he also maintained strong interests in the shipping industry as well; so it came as no surprise when he was appointed as the first chairman of the Chittagong Port Authority. This winning combination of visionary leadership, social commitment and targeted philanthropy, has formed the cornerstone of the Cosmos Group’s moral blueprint.

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