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Joy Smart Link undertakes detailed planning and on-site development and support to ensure timely support to minimize any chances of delay. Regardless of the scale of work, Joy Smart Link ensures scheduled and timely delivery of projects through trained and experienced teams on the field who are capable of implementing a wide range of projects, specializing in construction. Joy Smart Link team has acquired a depth of understanding about compliance policies of multinational companies and well adapted to meeting high standards of working procedures.We are fully equipped to safely install Power distribution cables, instrument cables and firefighting equipment, Sewer system, Water distribution system, Fire hydrant system, Cathodic protection system, Programmable logic control (PLC), non-destructive testing (NDT) onsite, industrial painting, scaffolding, rigging & lifting, fabrication activities, land development etc.

Constructing office buildings, utility buildings and laying warehouse, plant and equipment foundations.

Developing sites as per the requirements of the client; construction and supply of living/store containers.

Specializing in civil construction work such as drill pads, plant and equipment foundations of oil and gas processing plants, riverside jetties for unloading heavy-lift cargo and so on.

Constructing plant piping, fire hydrant systems, water distribution systems, sewer systems, water treatment plants, effluent treatment plants and so on.

Survey work, soil testing, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) by radiography, ultrasonic test, magnetic particle test, dye penetration test, among others.

Installation and erection of process plants, including necessary on-site fabrication work.

Installation of power distribution cables, instrument cables and firefighting equipment.

Supply of skilled, qualified manpower for a wide range of engineering and general labour requirements.

Supply of specialized industrial machinery, spare parts and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Project Management and Planning.

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