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CEMS (Conference & Exibition Management)

CEMS (Conference & Exibition Management)

Everyone pursues excellence….`CEMS’ sets itself apart by pursuing perfection ! We achieve excellence, at a minimum, in the process. We transform  events…..lets us transform yours ! Truly successful Event Management requires knowledge, skill, finesse and creativity. We bring all these attributes together to reinvent events….to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

hotel / venue site selection and contract negotiations

construction of booths

media proposals

media advertisement for the event (Print / Electronic Media)

all kinds of printing and designing

different kinds of P.R. materials

air and ground transportation negotiations & arrangements

food & beverage arrangements

marketing, including program design, distribution and implementation

clearing and forwarding (events related)

tour management

program development, speaker selection / contracting, program evaluation

registration, both advance and on-site, including acknowledgements

badges, credentialing, security and admissions control

entertainment contracting

development of staging guide

development and delivery of giveaways for all functions

pre-conference planning and execution tactical sessions

equipment rental services

insurance / risk assessment and coverage

special event planning and management

  • Business: Advertising Agencies & Counselors

  • Opening Time

    Open Hours : 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Close Day : Friday
  • House 119, CEMS House, Unit A3, Road 1, Banani Block F, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

  • 55040848



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