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Alim Industires Limited

Alim Industires Limited

Alim Industries Ltd. was established in 1990 at the BISCIC Industrial Estate, Gutatikar, Sylhet. Late M. A. Alim Chowdhury was the mastermind behind establishment of the industry. In fact the industry is the definitive manifestation of his long-cherished ingenious vision of the founder.

Since the inauguration of his career, applied technology became the centre point of Alim Chowdhury's dream and aspiration. Industrial backwardness of the Sylhet region disheartened him constantly. In particular, the question of transforming from conventional to modern mechanized system of cultivation for changing the destiny of our poverty-stricken rural peasants spellbound his imagination from the very beginning of his career.

Before stepping into a permanent line of entrepreneurial involvement, he participated on experimental basis, in some flourishing ventures for sometime but those proved too insignificant to accommodate his big inventive ideas. He went on exploring viability of wider range of ventures seriously until a draft plan could be contemplated by him which subsequently came into being as the New Engineering Works Ltd. in 1978.

An aggressive preparation and homework was completed before taking real practical steps. Considering the unique local concentration of tea industry in Sylhet district i.e., the newly found industry specialized in tea processing machineries.

Ploughing Machines

Seeding Plantation Machineries

Irrigation Machineries

Fertiliser and Insecticides Applying Machineries

Hervesting Machineries


Post Harvesting Machinery

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    Open Hours : 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Close Day : Friday
  • Estate, Gutatikor Kodomtoli, Sylhet-3100

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