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A H Development Publishing House

A H Development Publishing House

A H Development Publishing House is a leading publisher of Bangladesh. It publishes educational, academic and scholarly books both in the English and Bangla languages. AHDP was set up as a publishing company in 2004. We offer you trendy and reliable shopping with all your favorite brands and more. Now shopping is easier, faster and always joyous. 

01. Training: Training, Monitoring & Evaluation, Module, PRA/PLA, Human Rights, Proposal Writing, Management.

02.     Agriculture: Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food.

03.     Environment: Arsenic, Eater, Flood, Environment, Disaster, Fap, Cyclone, Climate.

04.     Development: Development, Rural Development, Aid, Bangladesh Studies, Urban, Human Development.

05.     Health: Health, Family Planning, Populatin, Disability, Nutrition, household.

06.     Economics: Micro-Credit, Micro- Economic, Poverty, Rural Poverty, NGO Literature.

07.     Gender: Woman Development, Gender Studies, Children, Labour, Education, Industry.

08.     Administration: Administration, Poitics, Governance, South Asian Studies, International Relations,

09.     Earth: Land, Forest, Earth Science.


10.     Biography: Biography, Autobiography, Literature, Language, Law, Communication.


11.     History: History, Religion, Art, Architecturre, Archeology.


12.     Tourism: Tourism, Hotel management, Food and Beverage.


13.     Media: Mass Media, Film, Media Etc.


14.     Architecture; Sculpture, Architecture, Art, Interior.


15.     Textile: Fashion, Clothign, Pattern Design, Cutting Textile Engineering, Garment, Industries.


16.     Management: Human Resourcess Development, Human Resources Management, Team training, Project Managtemtn, Project Managemtn Process.

  • Business: Book Publishers

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    Open Hours : 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Close Day : Friday
  • House No: 39, Road No. 14/A Dhanmondy R/A, Dhaka-1209

  • 01715022927



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