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মাসিক মদীনা পাবলিকেশান্স

মাসিক মদীনা পাবলিকেশান্স

The Monthly Madina is The Largest Islamic Magazine in Bangla.
The Monthly Madina
a largest islamic magazine in bangla & your guide to an islamic life
the monthly madina magazine is an bengali magazine, published by madina publication an is concerned with matters relating to the muslim creed ( aqeedah). islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and islamic education ( tarbiyyah). the monthly madina runs special features on the muslim women, the family and children in light of islam.
it also runs other entertaining, interesting and highly informative features, all in straightforward language, wonderful style and highly attractive mode. the monthly madina strives to guide bengali speakers to lead an islamic life.
Short introduction of The Monthly Madina & Madina Publication
The Monthly Madina
( A largest Islamic magazine in bangla, 50 years of uninterrupted publication)
Established in 1962
The Monthly Madina Magazine is a Bengali Magazine Published by- Madina Publication an is Concerned with Matters Relating to the Muslim Creed (Aqeedah). Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Islamic Education (Tarbiyyah). The Monthly Madina Runs Special Features On the Muslim Woman, the Family and Children in Light of Islam. It Also Runs Other Entertaining, Interesting and Highly Informative Features, all in Straightforward Language, Wonderful Style and Highly Attractive Mode. The Madina Strives to Guide Bengali Speakers to Lead an Islamic Life.

Madina Publication
Quality Book Publisher & Saler in Multi Languages
( more than 500 Publications in Bengali, English and Arabic languages)
Established in 1962
Madina Publication, a Muslim lifestyle publication, addresses the religious concerns of Muslim families across Bangladesh. We primarily address issues regarding Islamic education and moral upbringing (tarbiyyah), spirituality, creed (aqeedah), and jurisprudence (fiqh). Our insightful and thought-provoking feature articles address a variety of subjects related to our daily lives and lend a Muslim perspective to the issues and concerns of our modern lifestyles. The Qur'an and the Prophet's Sunnah form the basis of our inspiration and inform our Publications content and thematic direction. 
The Publication's Bengali readership includes well-known callers to Islam (duaat), college and high school students, working professionals, stay at home mothers, and prison inmates.
The Publication's is often used as a reference for various Friday sermons (khutbah) and learning circles (halaqah) across the Country.
Our Major Publications in
1-Regarding Al Quran Seerat and Hadith
2- Islamic History & Tradition
3- Islamic Sayings & Events
4- Islamic Knowledge
5- Islamic Studies, Culture & Research
6- Islamic & General Education
7- Dictionary in Multy Languages
8- Novel & Historical Novel
9- Poems
10- Biography & Text Books for Young Star
Madina Publication appreciates your continued support and kindly requests your help in spreading our message: please spread the word and feel free to gift-Books a loved one to our publication!

Editorial and Management Board

1- Moulana Muhiuddin Khan
Editor : The Monthly Madina and Chirman : Madina Publication
2- Ahmed Badruddin Khan
Assistant Editor : The Monthly Madina and Director : Madina Publication

Monthly Magazine with special issue on siratunnabi ( sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and others 500 books on verius islamic subjects such as 1- tafseer ul quran. 2- hadees sharif. 3- many subjects of seerah. 4- fiqh & usul al fiqh, 5- biografhy of profhets, sahabah & senior islamic scholars etc.

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